Whether you’re a serious competitor or a casual gym-goer, we’ll give you the tools to

transform your physique.

Find the right plan for you

Lifestyle coaching

Not interested in competing? No problem! We work with clients at every level to help them get in the best shape of their lives.

competition prep

Have a show coming up? Maybe you have a dream of someday competing. Either way, we'll work on your prep to get you ready for your show!

Meet the coaching staff

Alex Bush

Alex began in the fitness industry making informative & humorous Youtube content in 2014. He graduated from USI in 2017, with a degree in Exercise Science. Alex absolutely loves interacting with his clients and the ability to step into a teaching position to get each person in the best shape of their lives; whether that be for everyday life, a wedding, or competition prep. With his background in exercise science and the continuing education he has invested in – he can create the best environment for you to reach your goals. He takes a very hands on approach with each client, putting a plan into place that makes you work smarter and harder. Alex now resides in Kentucky with his wife, Sue, and Pup, Gus.

Austin Current

Austin started in the fitness industry when he made his debut to the physique stage in 2013. In 2014, he earned his IFBB Pro status and shortly after started to take on clients in-person and online. In 2016, Austin graduated with a degree in Exercise Science and earned his NSCA-CSCS certification. Since then, he has been coaching lifestyle and competition prep clients alongside traveling around the world as an educator to personal trainers/coaches. It is Austin’s mission to help educate and instill a fundamental level of knowledge and confidence within each client he coaches. Results are one thing… results plus education is where we flourish! Austin currently resides in Colorado with his wife, KaSandra.

Sue Bush

Sue found herself in the fitness industry after her Freshman year of college. She had spent the first 19 odd years of her life feeling stuck in her body and didn’t quite know the path she was supposed to take. Sue started following accounts on Instagram for motivation and stumbled into the world of competing. She used starting a prep as her ticket out of the lifestyle she no longer wanted to take part in. She was tired of coping and wanted to starting living. She was coping with her inability to say “no” to others, and to say “yes” to herself. Sue claimed her life back in 2016, took charge, and has never looked back. Sue is an ACE certified trainer, along with being a certified fitness nutritionist. Sue has been coaching and teaching clients for the past few years as well as still pursuing higher education. Sue now resides in Kentucky with her husband, Alex – and pupper, @gusthedude