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Not interested in competing? No problem! We work with clients at every level to help them get in the best shape of their lives.

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Alex Bush - Physique Development

Alex Bush


Alex began in the fitness industry making informative & humorous Youtube content in 2014. He graduated from USI in 2017, with a degree in Exercise Science. Alex absolutely loves interacting with his clients and the ability to step into a teaching position to get each person in the best shape of their lives; whether that be for everyday life, a wedding, or competition prep. With his background in exercise science and the continuing education he has invested in – he can create the best environment for you to reach your goals. He takes a very hands on approach with each client, putting a plan into place that makes you work smarter and harder. Alex now resides in Kentucky with his wife, Sue, and Pups, Gus & Tucker.

Austin Current - Physique Development

Austin Current


Austin started in the fitness industry when he made his debut to the physique stage in 2013. In 2014, he earned his IFBB Pro status and shortly after started to take on clients in-person and online. In 2016, Austin graduated with a degree in Exercise Science and earned his NSCA-CSCS, and ISSN-CISSN certifications. Since then, he has been coaching lifestyle and competition prep clients alongside traveling around the world as an educator to personal trainers/coaches. It is Austin’s mission to help educate and instill a fundamental level of knowledge and confidence within each client he coaches. Results are one thing… results plus education is where we flourish! His book, Science of Strength Training (DK Publishing), is now available on Amazon, and where books are sold. Austin has also been featured in other major fitness publications such as Men’s Health, Bodybuilding.com, T-Nation, BarBend, and more. Austin currently resides in Colorado with his wife, KaSandra.

Sue Bush - Physique Development

Sue Bush


Sue found herself in the fitness industry after her Freshman year of college. She had spent the first 19 odd years of her life feeling stuck in her body and didn’t quite know the path she was supposed to take. Sue started following accounts on Instagram for motivation and stumbled into the world of competing. She used starting a prep as her ticket out of the lifestyle she no longer wanted to take part in. She was tired of coping and wanted to starting living. She was coping with her inability to say “no” to others, and to say “yes” to herself. Sue claimed her life back in 2016, took charge, and has never looked back. Sue is an ACE certified trainer, along with being a certified fitness nutritionist. Sue has been coaching and teaching clients for the past few years as well as still pursuing higher education. Sue now resides in Kentucky with her husband, Alex – and pups, Gus & Tucker.

Katie Clementi - Physique Development



Katie’s fitness journey began after graduating high school. She had always played sports and was incredibly active growing up; however, once she finished high school and found herself without sports – she ended up lost and without guidance. Katie then turned to the gym to keep herself in shape, but also to see how far she could push myself. She missed the structure and competition that sports brought her and yearned for that. After following more and more fitness accounts on instagram, watching youtube channels, and reading to learn all that I could on my own, Katie was able to make a lifestyle transformation. Which in turn, lead to her learning about competing. Katie competed in her first show in 2014 and found that it was exactly what she had been missing and found a deeper love and passion for fitness than ever before. After she had immersed herself into this new lifestyle, she found herself wanting to help others feel the same way she did. This ultimately lead her to becoming a CPT and fitness nutritionist through ISSA and training clients in person for the past 3 years. Katie constantly is evolving within her physique and knowledge and is excited to now take her efforts online while working with Physique Development. She now resides in Bloomington, Indiana along with her pup, Odin!

Charlotte Jones - Physique Development

Charlotte Jones


Charlotte found her way into the fitness industry during college. After overcoming an eating disorder, Charlotte discovered a deep passion for weight lifting which she says changed the trajectory of her life forever. This inspired her to continue learning about the human body and exercise and ultimately to pursue a career as a coach to help others hopefully do the same. Instantly, she was hooked. Now an ACE CPT and Precision Nutrition L1 nutrition specialist for almost 2 years, she loves helping her clients reach their goals and discover what they are truly capable of in the gym and beyond. She looks forward to continuing her education for years to come alongside the Physique Development family while helping people uncover their true potential. She loves listening to podcasts as well as coffee, books, and watching the sunrise from her porch (bonus points for those last three together). Charlotte now resides in Columbus, OH with her 3 fur children, 2 dogs – Pablo and Carlos, and cat, Phoenix.  

Kortney Riedy - Physique Development

Kortney Riedy


Kortney’s passion for nutrition and fitness began as an incoming freshman at Indiana University. With a naturally inquisitive spirit and drive for continuous improvement, Kortney decided to build a lifestyle around enhancing her health and physique. Her routines in a college setting were far from “normal” but she quickly developed a newfound respect for the way our bodies are designed.  

Kortney was fascinated by the incredible nature of our bodies but struggled to know what was “truth” from reading so much information online. For a few years, she naively adhered to widespread (but inaccurate) rules to try and stay in shape and allowed herself very little time for rest. These habits eventually wrought havoc on her system: chronically elevating her stress hormones, disrupting her reproductive system, and diminishing her ability to be fully present.  

With time and continued learning, Kortney realized that something needed to change. She decided to pursue formal education and hire her own physique coach to learn how to support her body and improve her physique from the inside out. 

Today, Kortney is a NASM certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist through Precision Nutrition. Her education, mentorship from Alex Bush and anecdotal experiences have intensified her mission to teach others about intelligent nutrition, exercise and recovery. She aspires to help clients tune in to their bodies and make sustainable change, to look and feel exceptional. Kortney lives near Chicago with her husband, Kevin.

Makenzie Montano - Physique Development

Makenzie Montano


Makenzie found her way into the fitness world during her freshman year of college. Being a full-time student and athlete, she was always in the gym but never trained with true intention. After her final season of volleyball, she dove headfirst into the weight room and the bodybuilding world.
Makenzie is a NASM certified trainer and nutrition coach. She taught group fitness classes and did in-person training her last semester and carried her love of helping others with her after college. Makenzie always knew she wanted to compete after volleyball which she did in October 2019 and fell in love with the sport of bodybuilding.
Now, Makenzie is dedicated to being the best person, coach, competitor, and dog mom that she can be. She loves to push her clients to tap into a potential that they didn’t know was there all while sharing in the wins and loses that come along the way. If Makenzie is not working, you can find her outdoors, with friends and family, or watching New Girl or baking shows on Netflix. She now resides in New Albany, IN with her boyfriend, Brandon (ghee_code), and fur son, King. 
Maji Koetter-Ali - Physique Development

Maji Koetter-Ali


Maji is a registered dietitian and is passionate about teaching her clients how to feel good from the inside out. Maji’s desire to learn about nutrition, fitness, and truly help people understand their bodies and health began shortly after her mom had a heart attack and was diagnosed with type two diabetes. From that moment on, she has made it her life goal to help individuals learn about food as a means of fuel for living their best life.  

Maji earned a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health from the University of Louisville, a Master’s degree in Nutrition Science from Indiana University, and completed her dietetic internship at The University of Kentucky Hospital.
As an undergrad, she relieved stress with long runs. It wasn’t until she met her boyfriend, now husband and fitness fanatic himself, when she discovered the benefits of structured weight training. Her husband, Zack, wrote her programming throughout college and pushed her outside of her comfort zone. He helped her find her confidence in the gym, constantly reminding her that women deserve to be there just as much as men do. Throughout their relationship, they’ve always enjoyed gym dates over traditional dinner and movie nights, and have continuously pushed each other to be better.
After having their son is when she discovered Physique Development and pursued training from Coach Makenzie to help her find her strength postpartum.
Since then, Maji has transformed her body and is even stronger now than she was before becoming a mother. She has learned throughout her profession and life experiences the importance of consistency with training and diet, and she is on a mission to help other women discover the benefits of making their physical health a priority.
Maji lives in Louisville, KY, with her husband, Zack, their son, Sloan, and their two Irish Setters, Bobby and Sully.