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The Cost of Bodybuilding Competitions: Regional to National

Competing in bodybuilding shows is one of the most misunderstood things we’ve come across in our professional careers: from preparing your physique, choosing a show, …


Trouble Building Muscle? Here’s 5 Things Holding You Back

Written by Coach Charlotte Jones Contrary to popular belief, building muscle is not always easy — and if you have found your way here, you …

skipping your workout

Skipping Your Workout: A Balanced Approach For Better Results

Written by Coach Caleb Kostynuik It’s been a long day. You just got home from work and have a workout planned this evening, but you’re …

Rear Delt Row

The Ultimate Guide to Upper Back & Rear Delts: Muscle Group Series, Part 2

The rear delts and upper back (teres, traps, and rhomboids) can be a tricky area of the body to train for both size and health, …

Tracking macros like a pro

How to Hit Your Macros Consistently

Struggling to get all of your carbs, fats, and protein in every day to see the results you want with your physique? In this article …


Trap Bar Deadlifts — 3 Variations, Benefits, and Programming Considerations

Written by Coach Charlotte Jones The deadlift is one of the most well recognized and frequently performed exercises in the gym for a reason — …


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