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Tension: Why It Matters for Muscle, Strength, & Fat Loss

Written by Coach Austin Current Original article posted on N1 Training by Coach Austin, but has been updated and expanded below. In this article, we …


How to Thrive in your Schedule + Work from Home Tips

For a long time, I didn’t thrive in my work from home environment. There were a lot of reasons I could choose from as to …

Planes of Motion: Sagittal, Transverse, Frontal

Planes of Motion: Sagittal, Frontal, Transverse

Written By: Leslie Kutcha CPT, CSCS Did you know that your body moves through three planes of motion? These three planes are the sagittal, frontal, …


The Truth About Muscle Tightness

Written By: Morgan Vasiliu, ATC, SPT In this article, we are going to discuss what muscle tightness is, what causes it, and some possible strategies …

training upper chest

How To Grow Your Upper Chest

Written by Coach Austin Current In this article, we are going to cover how to grow your upper chest from looking deeper at the important …

Personal Development

ALL or NOTHING – Stopping the Cycle of Failure

Written by Coach Sue Bush In this article, we are going to cover why the “ALL or NOTHING” mentality is stopping you from reaching your goals, …


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