Group Coaching

The Physique Development team was established as a 1-on-1 coaching service in 2014. Since then, we have been continuously growing year after year, leading to larger demand, waiting lists, and increased prices. Within that growth, we have been searching for new effective ways to create an affordable option for you to get the help you have been searching for. Our answer: Group Coaching!

Group Coaching has been designed as your go-to coaching resource for effective and trustworthy coaching at an affordable price. You will gain access to our results-backed approach to training programming and nutrition — reducing the fluff and sticking to what we know to get effective and efficient results — without the intensive commitment of our one-on-one coaching. You will gain access to our supportive, trustworthy, and fast-growing community — a group of motivated individuals coming from a similar place in their journey to help hold you accountable. Along with the support from a like-minded community, you will benefit the safe-space for asking questions and learn more about training, nutrition, strategic lifestyle design, time management, and more. Our biggest goal with this service is to educate and empower you by taking the weight of confusion and overwhelm off your back.

What you can expect

Monthly Training Programming

Each month, the Physique Development coaching staff designs both male and female training programs that are downloadable directly to your device. Each month’s training is designed from what has been working well with our one-on-one clients, alongside what we see best for the group within that given month. You can expect a good mix of different types and styles of training, from strength-based, hypertrophy-based, metabolic-based, and everything in-between.

Calculated Nutrition

Our nutrition calculator has been hand-designed by the Physique Development coaches, alongside other trusted and qualified nutritionist based on the latest evidence-based principles and recommendations. You will gain access to the calculator (and other tools) within the community to start refining your target calories and macronutrients based on your current lifestyle, preferences, and more.

Built-In Education

We understand that knowing your goal calories and macros are just the first step. In the community, the coaching staff has taken the time to film video lessons on the most common questions related to macronutrients and the benefits of each one, fiber, net carbs, water intake, food scales, preferred food tracking apps, how to best plan your meals, nutrient timing, peri-workout nutrition, and much more.

Weekly LIVE Video Lessons and Q&A’s

Each week, a coach from the Physique Development staff with go LIVE with the community, teach on helpful topics related to training, nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle design, and then open the floor for your questions from the week.

Support and Accountability from Our Trusted Community

Having the tools is just one piece of the puzzle. Being surrounded by supportive, encouraging, and like-minded individuals can often be the most impactful part of working toward your goals. We are very proud of the community we are building, and we know you will be just as proud to be a part of it.

Affordable Pricing

One of the biggest barriers is always the price. As we understand this, we created all of this with your most stressful barrier in mind: price. Our mission with this service is to give you the tools, education, support, accountability, and experience for a third of the price of our one-on-one coaching service.

Frequently asked questions

Intake for each month is done the week leading into the next month. For example, if you wanted to join for January, you can join the intake waiting list anytime within December and we will get in touch closer to your start date heading into January 1st.

Before the first of each month. The programming is designed in a way where you can start things up, or continue with group coaching month-to-month, with zero lag in your progress and periodization.

You gain immediate access to the training programming when you join the group coaching community. It is organized and easy-to-download to your preferred device at the click of a button.

We ask that you get one for the sake of being able to be a part of the community. After many months of testing and trials of different platforms, a community through Facebook is the most impactful, easiest to access, and affordable option for this service.

A Nutrition calculator takes your personal/activity information: gender, height, weight, age, workouts per week, average workout length, cardio per week, type of cardio, and steps per day. The information is then put into an algorithm to calculate your estimated Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). From this, you are able to set your preferred percentage of caloric deficit, depending on how you aggressive you want to be with your fat loss or muscle gain. The calculator gives you daily calorie and macronutrient targets.


This is not your average nutrition/macro calculator. Although easy to navigate from the user perspective, a lot of time, effort, and research was put into making this the most accurate calculator possible. Once you gain a good starting point from a calorie/macro perspective, we help you manage and manipulate things to ensure you continue to progress.

Direct access to our coaching staff through the community, along with continuous training programming and nutritional support. The one-time purchase programs do not have any nutritional support, accountability, or continued education built-in.

Individualized training, nutrition, and check-ins. In group coaching, there is not a check-in process and your training — although periodized and carefully designed —  is not individualized.

In the group coaching handbook, we have provided a long list of exercise substitutions/replacements. We walk you through how to handle when an exercise or piece of equipment is not available at your gym.

A challenge has a definitive start and end date. It is typically split up into 4, 6, or 8 weeks. Challenges tend to be popular because of their low price tag, but are not set up with your long-term goals in mind.


With group coaching, we set out to educate you and help you create a lasting change while maintaining the affordable price tag.

Upon signing up, you will go through a check-out process via PayPal which will set you up to be charged the agreed price each month. You can cancel at any time.

You will gain access to our coaching staff’s support upon joining the group coaching community. We will be there to answer your questions and give you continued education, support, and accountability.