Intake Process For New Clients

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Written by Coach Sue Bush

You’ve learned a little about what to look for in an online coach (If you haven’t, read THIS article first), now let’s dig into what happens now that you’ve found a coach, or a few, that you want to move forward with.


“I wasn’t able to talk to my coach until I had already paid”

Here at Physique Development, we not only want to help you reach your goals, we want to have effective communication throughout the process. This includes getting on calls before payment has been made to chat about the service and any concerns a potential client may have or want to express.

When inquiring with a Physique Development coach, you will have a call scheduled with that perspective coach before signing up. We never want to lose that personal touch with clients and the ability to hear from you before trying to pitch you/sell you our service. We also have found that being able to talk through what is included in our service, answer any questions you may have, and address any needs you may want us to fulfill – truly leads to a better coach-client relationship and communication.

Once you have concluded your call and decide to move forward with being a part of Team PD, your coach will shoot over an email with a detailed and inclusive questionnaire, payment link, and anything else you need to get started.


Once you send back the completed questionnaire along with initial pictures, your coach will start working on a personalized training program and nutrition plan for you to follow. The questionnaire that you fill out – gives us great insight on what you need moving forward and allows us to construct the next best step for you in your fitness journey. All programs are decided based upon our assessment of your physique and answers to your questionnaire. The coaches at Physique Development don’t believe that the same thing works for everyone. We are aware that each of our clients have: different lives, different needs, and different goals.

The PD coach will then provide you with all of the resources we have made for clients (Client training handbook, client nutrition handbook, macro/weight tracker, fast food e-book, etc.). From there, you will also receive the aforementioned personalized programs to get started.

After you have received everything you need to start working towards your best self – you will do just that! Check-ins will be decided on by you and your coach, you will implement the plan, and hear from your coach a minimum of once a week.


For each check-in, your PD coach will look over your weekly progress pictures, read through your check-in document, and analyze your macro/weight tracker. Check-ins can get rather personal and we respect that and honor the trust you have given us. We will respond in a professional manner, which includes: long-form email, voice memo, or video response.

For programming considerations, your PD coach will assess bio-feed back within check-ins as well as being attentive to your progress during your most recent training and alter from there. We believe in progression in training programs, but also utilizing different stimulus’ as needed to continue to see progression.

“What if I have a question or need something when it’s not my scheduled check-in day?”

Outside of your check-in; you are still free to email your coach if needed. You do not need to pay extra for the service already outlined, as we are aware that life sometimes changes on the fly, things come up, and sometimes you have questions that don’t line up with your check-in day. We welcome questions. We believe that as a consumer, you should have the ability to ask questions concerning your health and life – and as someone providing a service, we should have a answer ready for why we have implemented what we have.

Along with all that has been stated, we at Physique Development have a strong policy towards truly helping others. This may seem like a “no duh” claim, but we have seen many clients come to us in a poor internal place from their prior coach who “peaced out”. Whether this be a client coming to us out of a contest prep with no help with a reverse or a client coming to us from a coach who did not prioritize their health and left them with metabolic or hormonal damage.

Hopefully this article gave you a little bit of insight on what it would be like if you joined Physique Development and hope to have you aboard soon!


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