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We help guide you past your plateaus and get you back on the path of progressing your goals of building muscle, losing unwanted body fat, and creating a better balance within your life. Our goal is to educate you throughout your journey to ensure you have a fundamental understanding of training and nutrition that gives you the tools you need to continue to maintain progress and balance in your overall health for years to come.



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Frequently asked questions

How long will I need to commit?

The minimum commitment is 3-months. Anything less than this amount of time we feel as if we cannot adequately help you progress. It is our mission to have you become independent in this process and be your own coach for a lifetime.

How much does the coaching cost?

The coaching prices are a direct correlation of the coaching staffs experience and expertise. You could compare our monthly rates to that of an average car payment. Based on your commitment level and finances, this is either a bargain or something that may need to be pushed off for another time, we understand.

Will my program be specific to me or is it just a cookie-cutter program you give everyone?

Good question! Each program is hand-designed to ensure that maximal progress can be made over the course of your coaching package. Your macronutrient ratios, meal timing recommendations, training program, cardio recommendations, etc. will all be tailored to you specifically using the latest evidence-based literature available.

How often will I get to check-in with you?

There will be weekly assessments with your coach. In this assessment, tweaks to your training and nutrition programs will be made to maximize progress and break past unneeded sticking points in your journey.

Everyone says they are evidence-based...How do I know this is legit?

Our track record and work experience speak for themselves. The coaching staff has worked around the globe under and beside some of the most innovative and elite nutritional experts, researchers, and IFBB Pro’s in the world: the list includes leading European Researcher Menno Henselmans, Nutritional expert Kassem Hanson, IFBB Pro & Muscle expert Ben Pakulski, and Hypertrophy specialist Joe Bennett.

What separates PD coaching from other coaching services?

Our mission: to help you create a flexible and sustainable approach to your training and nutrition with evidence-based knowledge and experience to help transform your lifestyle, mindset, and physique for a lifetime.

Before you continue through the inquiry process, please consider the requirements below. These eligibility requirements will ensure that you will be the best fit for our 1:1 coaching experience.

You have a willingness to learn
The coaching staff takes pride in our education and experience. As your coaches, we will teach you everything you need to know to maximize your results.
You are not looking for a quick fix
We work with people looking for the best results possible, which comes through excellent 1:1 coach-client relationships that develop over time.
You are not just looking for a “cheap” coach.
When it comes to coaching, you get exactly what you pay for. Physique Development offers an 1:1 online experience and quality that is hard to match.
You are willing to learn how to track your nutrient intake.
The Physique Development coaching staff with give you the education to start tracking your nutrient intake, we just ask that you are willing to learn with our guidance
You are not using steroids or performance enhancing drugs (PED’s).
Physique Development does not have the professional experience to handle these cases. We are not judging, we are simply sticking to what we do best.

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