5 stars with 130+ reviews, now streaming. You’ll learn directly from Sue, and Alex, alongside the rest of the Physique Development coaching staff, on topics ranging from training, nutrition, general health, and more specific and nuanced topics such as program design, hormonal health, and more.

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Sue Bush
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From our listeners.

“This is by far the most reliable, comprehensive, and useful podcast for any fitness-related inquiry or question you may have!”

“Very informative, practical, and science-backed advice for anyone from competitive body builders to lifestyle fitness enthusiasts. I get such balanced information that has helped me tremendously.”

“This podcast is the perfect balance of educational and entertaining! I have learned so much and really enjoy getting to nerd out about fitness while listening.”

“Exquisite content created by not only some of the best coaches and minds, but also some of the best people in the industry as well.”

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