How To Choose Produce

Going to the grocery store and making better choices is already a hard enough task, let alone when you pick out some products and get home and it doesn’t taste good. Of course, there are going to be vegetables and fruits we inherently don’t like – but that “not so good” tasting apricot may be more due to it not being in peak season than anything else.
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that only 24.7% of Americans meet the minimum intake requirements for fruits and vegetables (Blanck et al., 2008). And while we may try to avoid foods that are linked to different health risks, we are often slow to add in foods that can offer more preventative measures. 
Taste preferences and finances are the main reasons people give when it comes to eating healthier – so we created a chart going over how to choose products which may be the help your body and wallet crave!

In-season fruit and vegetables are picked and sold during their peak of flavor which helps minimize or eliminate the need for any preservation type process that could impact flavor negatively. Along with that – if you buy out-of-season produce, you may end up adding more salt, sugar, or sauces to enhance flavor which could undermine some of the benefits of the products you are eating.

In-Season produce also has an all-over better nutrient profile – which will maximize the benefits of eating it!

Lastly, eating produce during its peak-season is much more cost-effective and can help the local community.