HS6: Hypertrophy-Strength 6-Day Program

Physique Development has created a new training program that uses evidence-based principles to produce new gains in lean muscle and muscular strength. HS6 is a six day hypertrophy and strength program that utilizes proven methods of periodization to help you break through plateaus and see maximal gains. HS6 uses the four evidence-based mechanisms to allow you to maximize your performance: volume, intensity, tempo, and progressive overload. This program is an all encompassing package that will help you transform your physique through an 8 or 16 week time frame, and includes the following: Full-access exercise guide, scientifically proven supplement recommendations, full access to an exclusive Facebook community, free updates to the HS6 program, evidenced-based nutritional guidance, and exclusive discount codes from leading brands in the fitness industry.

$84.99  $49.95

HS6 Program Features

Full-Access Exercise Guide

The Physique Development team prides themselves on executing each exercise to its fullest to ensure maximal results. HS6 sets itself apart from the rest with an Exercise Guide that will ensure you will execute each movement as it has been intended in the program.

Evidence-Based Nutritional Guidance

Finding your macros can be a tough chore, one that often includes a lot of guess work. HS6 includes a full guide to help you find and adjust your macro goals based on your current physique goals.

Scientifically-Proven Supplement Recommendations

Supplementation is not necessary to your results, but we understand that it can play an active role. We have compiled a list of safe and effective supplementation that will allow you to fully excel while using this program. The list includes: Pre-/Post-workout supplementation, the daily essentials, and sleep.

8 or 16 Week Program for Maximal Results

We understand that each person has a different goal in mind when starting a new workout program, and that's okay! This program has been set-up to be a 8 or 16 week program, depending on your time frame to complete HS6. We have done all of the dirty work for you by programming in your delaod weeks and even added in a testing week at the end to see all your hard work pay off!

Exclusive Discount Codes from leading brands in the fitness industry

The Physique Development team only associates with the best in the industry, so we have teamed up with those brands to bring you exclusive deals. This program includes access to exclusive discount codes that are only usable by persons that purchased HS6.

FREE Updates to the HS6 Program

We're always finding new and better ways to do things, and we believe in applying that that to the HS6 program. As we strive to make HS6 the best it can be, you'll receive new content and updates to the program, absolutely free.

$84.99  $49.95