Male Principles Program

Welcome to the PD Male Principles Program. This is a 6-week training program built with the intention of getting you one step closer to your end goal(s). The Physique Development coaching staff have worked in collaboration to bring you the best possible periodization to get you started toward your best physique. We have pulled from our coaching experiences over the past 5 years, built off previous education, alongside our personal experiences as athletes competing in the NPC and IFBB. Throughout this programming, you are going to be challenged physically, but maybe even more so mentally. This programming has been inspired by the work we do with our clients on an individual basis. So, keep an open mind, be ready to learn some things, and be ready to work your ass off!


Volume Allocation

The PD Male Principles Program has been designed with your goal(s) in mind. This has been written as a male-focused program with a bias towards building your chest, arms, back, and legs. We have done our best to maintain a fairly steady volume across all muscle groups, but volume related to delts and glutes has been kept to a “maintenance” level.

Program Features

Full-Access Exercise Guide

The Physique Development team prides themselves on executing each exercise to its fullest to ensure maximal results. The Principles Program sets itself apart from the rest with an Exercise Video Guide that will ensure you will execute each movement as it has been intended in the program.​

Detailed Program Schedule

To see an optimal progression and make sure recovery is optimized, we have included a detailed program schedule to ensure you are performing the programming as intended.

Community Support

Physique Development has a growing community of like-minded, and supportive individuals. This community has been exclusive to 1-on-1 clients. Knowing that not everyone has the opportunity to work with us 1-on1, we have opened up our community to include anyone who joins us in this Principles Program.

Frequently asked questions

The program is accessible via download immediately after purchase! (be sure to check spam or junk inbox)

All sales are final on e-book based programming. If something weird happens with the sales process, we will handle that on a case-by-case basis.

You will need cables and basic machines that are found in most gyms — we offer substitutes in the program if your gym by chance doesn’t have this – but you will need more than just barbells and DBs!

We are one step ahead of you! We have included an entire exercise library of short and long form execution videos showing you how to get the most out of each exercise.

This has been written as a male-focused program with a bias towards building your chest, arms, back, and legs. The exercise selection has been based on what we have found to be very effective working with clients 1-on-1 over the past 5 years.

This specific program has been written for 6 weeks. This being said, the program has been periodized in a way where you can effectively repeat the program to make it 12 weeks in length!

Upon purchase, you will receive an email including a downloadable calendar. This calendar was put together to be an example of how we would advise you structure this program throughout the week(s). For example, how we would lay out workouts 1-5 in Phase 0 all the way through to Phase 4.

The split will change per phase (0-4). Most phases utilize a higher frequency approach to train more tissue per session. You will be training body parts 2-3x per week on average.

The Principles Program is split into 4 separate phases. Phases 0, 1, 2, & 4 have been structured to be 5 days per week. Phase 3 is 4 days per week. In that, we have included information on how to best structure this program to best fit your schedule, no matter what! 

The program includes an intro into the three styles of training: hypertrophy, strength, and metabolic. The biggest chunk of time is spent within a combination of hypertrophy and metabolic styles of training. The goal: teach you the principles and foundations of what we use with our 1-on-1 clients.

We have worked diligently to deliver a high-value program, for a low price point.

The program includes a 6 week program periodized in a way where you can effectively repeat the programming to make it 12 weeks (or more) in total. It also includes access to a program-specific Exercise Library, Detailed Program Schedule, and to a Community of Support. There is no direct nutritional information given, but you can be certain we will help guide you through anything in the Facebook Community Support group!

Yes! This program will introduce you to the foundational principles we use with our 1-on-1 clients to get them amazing results!